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Dagstuhl Seminar: Using Networks to Teach About Networks

April 3rd, 2017 Comments off

We helped organize a Dagstuhl seminar on Using Networks to Teach About Networks, which took place March 12 – 15, 2017. We discussed the different approaches to teach computer networking and the use of online resources to better educate students.


IM 2015, CNSM 2015, Dagstuhl Seminar 16012

February 7th, 2015 Comments off

Our research group is taking an active leadership role in the organization of some key scientific events this year:

For the IM 2015 demo track, we received a good number of submissions and the demo selection process is well underway. For CNSM 2015, we hope to attract a good number of submission. CNSM is the most selective conference in the field of network and service management research. It is important for every researcher working on topics related to network and service management to present and discuss their work at this key event. The paper submission deadline is April 24th, 2015.


LLN Plugfest IETF 90

July 23rd, 2014 Comments off

We have demonstrated an implementation of the LOWPAN-MIB at the Low-power Lossy Networks (LLN) plugfest that took place on Sunday before the 90th IETF meeting. We showed how to access the counters via our Contiki SNMP implementation and Contiki’s CoAP implementation. The plugfest was overall very interesting and very well organized. People involved in several interesting projects attended the plugfest and it was nice to get into personal contact. Further details can be found here.


New Logo for CNDS

July 14th, 2011 Comments off

Our group got a new logo!

The design goal was to make it simple, yet reflecting on the keywords of research carried out within the group: “networks” and “distributed”.

At the same time, the new logo clearly presents the name of the group to the outsider – a feature that the old logo was missing:

Our special thanks go to Dmitry Tsoy [Fb, G+] for being behind the design process of the new logo.


World IPv6 Day @ Jacobs University

June 9th, 2011 Comments off

Graph showing the IPv6 traffic at Jacobs University during the World IPv6 DayYesterday, on June 8th, we enjoyed the World IPv6 Day. Here is how the IPv6 traffic changed during the day (measured on the tunnel connecting Jacobs’ IPv6 network to the German research network). Apparently, some very popular web sites like Google and Facebook turned off IPv6 right after the day again. This is probably not so good news…

For comparison purposes, here is a plot showing all traffic (IPv4 and IPv6)  going in and out of Jacobs University around the World IPv6 Day. This plot seems to indicate that we carried a significant portion of our traffic over IPv6 during the World IPv6 Day. Note that the event took place when most of our undergraduate students had already left our campus.

The plot on the right shows the longer term impact of the IPv6 day. While some  sites apparently turned off IPv6 support once the event was over, there is also good news since our IPv6 traffic remains at significantly higher levels. Obviously some sites used by our users left IPv6 turned on. We will try to keep an eye on this to see whether this is stable over longer terms or increases or decreases over time.


Netconf Light Demo at IETF 80

March 31st, 2011 Comments off

Some of us attended the 80th IETF meeting in Prague and we used the opportunity to demonstrate the NETCONF protocol running on AVR Raven motes (so called class 1 devices). Of course, these devices only support a subset of NETCONF, which we call NETCONF Light. Our goal was to prove that it is possible to implement a workable subset of NETCONF even on very resource constrained devices. On more powerful motes, such as Econotag motes, it should be possible to run an almost complete NETCONF stack.

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PhD Defense Iyad Tumar

Iyad Tumar submitted his PhD thesis a few weeks ago and today was the day of the defense of his thesis. Iyad managed to survive the intense hours of presentation and discussion. It seems the summer is a good period for getting a PhD degree at Jacobs.



Network Security Workshop

Today, a Network Security workshop took place at Jacobs University. We were hosting the workshop as part of the EMANICS project. A particular topic of this workshop was privacy and anonymization technologies such as Tor. Thanks to all participants for their contributions to the successful workshop and sorry for those who missed the excursion following the workshop…


NetFlow / IPFIX Workshop (NMRG 25)

October 30th, 2008 No comments

The 25th NMRG meeting took place in Munich, organized jointly with the EMANICS Network of Excellence. The workshop attracted many people and the topic proved to be very interesting. The keynote talk given by Benoit Claise was interesting and fun to listen to.

Do you find the two participants from our group in the picture?


ISSNSM Tour of the City

We hosted the first International Summer School on Network and Service Management (ISSNSM 2007). Here is a photo with most of the participants where the “tour guide” explains some of the history of the city of Bremen.