Advanced Distributed Systems Lab
Course: Advanced Distributed Systems Lab (320602)
Instructor: Jürgen Schönwälder
TA: Anuj Sehgal
Tuesday 14:15 - 16:45 West Hall 8
Start: September 15th, 2009

This course is the lab associated with the Advanced Distributed Systems course.

Course Materials:

Students will receive lab assignments and they have to hand in solutions. Solutions must be submitted electronically and may need to be defended in an oral interview. Late submissions after the deadline will be penalized. For every hour late, you will loose 10% of the points. We account an additional bonus of 15 minutes for electronic submissions (you know how well email sometimes works). This means, a solution received 01:15 late will loose 10%, a solution received 02:15 late will loose 20% and so on. If we receive more than one submission, we will pick the last one.

All programs that have to be written will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • correctness including proper handling of error conditions
  • proper use of programming language constructs
  • clarity of the program organization and design
  • readability of the source code and any output produced