Advanced Lab Course in EECS 1 - CS Module
Course: Advanced Lab Course in EECS 1 - CS Module (300221-A)
Instructor: Jürgen Schönwälder
Monday 14:15 - 18:30 Lecture Hall Research II
Start: September 1st 2003

The CS module of the advanced EECS lab course is a hands-on introduction to software engineering and object-oriented software design. The module assumes that students are already familiar with an object-oriented programming languages and focuses on the important programming in-the-large aspects of software development.

Course Materials:
  • I. Sommerville, "Software Engineering", 6th Edition, Addison-Wesley, 2000
  • G. Booch, J. Rumbaugh, I. Jacobsen, "The Unified Modeling Language User Guide", Addison Wesley, 1998
  • E. Gamma, R. Helm, R. Johnson, J. Vlissides, "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software", Addison Wesley, 1995
  • A. Endres, D. Rombach, "A Handbook of Software and Systems Engineering", Addison-Wesley, 2003
  • F.P. Brooks, "The Mythical Man-Month", Addison Wesley, 1975
2003-09-01 Introduction and Overview
2003-09-08 Process Models
2003-09-15 Unified Modeling Language (UML)
2003-09-22 Unified Modeling Language (UML)
2003-09-29 Design Pattern
2003-10-06 Quality Assurance (Inspections, Verification, Tests)
2003-10-13 Software Metrics
2003-10-20 - no class -
2003-10-27 Mid-Term Examination
2003-11-03 Empirical Observations, Laws and Theories
2003-11-10 Tools (Debugger, Build Systems, Test Systems)
2003-11-17 Tools (Version Control Systems)
2003-11-24 Ergonomic Aspects
2003-12-01 Review and Outlook

The final grade of the lab is split to 50 % from the EE module and 50 % form the CS module. The CS module grade is made up of the mid-term exam (30 %), two homeworks (30 %, each 15 %) and the final exam (40 %).

The homeworks may be submitted by groups up to three students. It is required to submit the solution electronically and on paper to the instructor. Late submissions will not be accepted.