General Computer Science IIb
Course: General Computer Science IIb (320102-B)
Instructor: Jürgen Schönwälder

The course is primarily an introduction to the C and C++ programming languages. In addition, the course will cover some very general computer science concepts required to understand examples. This course is intended for current third year students who would like to retake the General Computer Science II course offered in Spring 2002. This course is not part of the current curriculum. Current first or second year students cannot register for this course.

  • S.P. Harbison, G.L. Steele: C - A Reference Manual, 5th edition, Prentice Hall, 2002. 0-13-089592-X
  • B.W. Kernighan, D.M. Ritchie: The C Programming Language, Prentice Hall, 2nd Edition, 1989
  • K.N. King: C Programming - A Modern Approach, WW Norton and Company, 1996
  • B. Eckel: Thinking in C++, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, April 2000.

The course is a reading course. Students work on weekly or biweekly problem sheets that always focus on a certain topic. Students are expected to read the relevant material in their old course notes or in relevant books. A weekly tutorial is scheduled on Wednesday evenings at 20:30 in the West Hall 4 where the TA will be happy to answer any question students might have.

The solutions for the homeworks are due Friday night. The defense of your homework is scheduled during the lunch break according to the following table:

Monday13:30 Vinod Patmanathan
Monday13:45 Sonia Borissova
Monday14:00 Urs Rauwald
Monday14:15 Akash Jain
Tuesday13:00 Vladimir Kirilov
Tuesday13:15 Cosmin Condea
Tuesday13:30 Vinod Devanathan
Tuesday13:45 Daniela Schwarze
Tuesday14:00 Aryani Sumoondur
Wednesday13:45 Shraddha Shrestha

The defenses take place in the instructors office.


The final grade is made up of the homeworks (60 %) and the final oral exam (40 %).

The homeworks must be submitted individually. It is required to submit the solution for programming problems electronically and on paper to the TA. Late submissions will not be accepted. In addition, it is required to participate in the oral 10 minute defense of the homework solution.

The overall percentage will be converted into IUB grades as follows:

[91-95]1.33Very Good
[86-90]1.67Very Good
[ 0-40]5.00Failing

Any programs which have to be written will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • correctness including proper handling of error conditions
  • proper use of programming language constructs
  • clarity of the program organization and design
  • readability of the source code and any output produced

The final oral exam for this course are scheduled as follows:

Monday (2004-05-24)15:00 Daniela Schwarze
Monday (2004-05-24)15:45 Akash Jain
Monday (2004-05-24)16:30 Cosmin Condea
Tuesday (2004-05-25)15:00 Vinod Patmanathan
Tuesday (2004-05-25)15:45 Sonia Borissova
Wednesday (2004-05-26)09:15 Vladimir Kirilov
Wednesday (2004-05-26)10:00 Urs Rauwald
Wednesday (2004-05-26)15:00 Vinod Devanathan
Friday (2004-05-28)09:15 Aryani Sumoondur
Friday (2004-05-28)10:00 Shraddha Shrestha