Computer Science Guided Research (2012)

Guided Research Timeline

Introduction2011-09-12 (Monday)
Supervisor selection2011-10-04 (Tuesday)
Topic selection2011-10-31 (Monday)
Proposal submission2011-12-16 (Friday)
Thesis submission2012-05-11 (Friday)
Presentations2012-05-15 (Tuesday)
Presentations2012-05-16 (Wednesday)

Guided Research Materials

Guided Research Thesis

The guided research thesis must be submitted to the supervisor. The student is responsible to make sure that the submission reaches the supervisor in time for the deadline. The final report can be submitted electronically by e-mail. For electronic submission, the date of the e-mail counts as the basis for determining timeliness.

Late submissions of the research proposal and the final report will be penalized by a grade reduction of 10 percentage points per day for the thesis contribution.

Guided Research Presentations

Guided research requires a presentation (worth 20% of the overall grade). Faculty members attending the presentations will together form the grades for the presentations.

Guided research presentations are 15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion. The schedule has 30 minutes to allow for time to change laptops etc. In addition, we have scheduled breaks that to recover minds and to makeup any schedule quirks should they arise (we hope not).

Time slots are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. To apply for a time slot, contact Jürgen Schönwälder and send him your preferred list of time slots, the name of your supervisor, and the title of your talk. Before submitting the list, make sure that the time slots fit the schedule of your supervisor.

Tuesday, 2012-05-15, East Hall 1

209:30José Leal Domingues NetoHSEnterprise Social Networks
310:00Vlad Catalin MerticariuMKSemantic Tools for Web 2.0 Educational Platforms
410:45Mira SlavchevaMKA Type-Constraint Based Approach to Disambiguating the Structure of Mathematical Objects
511:15Corneliu ProdescuMKDistributing MathWebSearch: Architecture and Data Representation
611:45Bogdan MaticanMKDistributing MathWebSearch: Cluster Communication and Monitoring
713:30Darko VelinovHSTest Data Management in the Car Life Cycle
814:00Remus DumitruANInterior Reconstruction Using 3D Planes
914:30Alex Mircea DumitruMKPlanetMath: Web 3.0 Platform for Mathematical Knowledge

Wednesday, 2012-05-16, East Hall 1

1009:00George MandresiAB3D Model Acquisition using Kinect
1109:30Silviu Vlad OpreaMKModelling Semantic Similarity Between Scientific Documents
1210:00Boris Espinoza-KalchevJSTeredo on RIPE Atlas Probes
1310:45Iurie TapANVoxel-based Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds
1411:15Vladimir KomsiyskiANFast Computation of Surface Normals from Point Clouds
1511:45Mihai Cotizo SimaANAn Extension of Felzenzwalb-Huttenlocher Segmentation to 3D Point Clouds
1613:30Daniel Grigoras MihaiANGraphical User Interface for Irma3d
1714:00Victor SavuLLIsosurface Spectra
1915:15Anton AntonovMKRecognition of Units and Quantities in Technical Documents
2015:45Iulia IgnatovMKModular Formalization of Type Theory
2116:15Maria AlecuMKIntegrating a Logical Framework and a Knowledge Management Framework

Author: Jürgen Schönwälder <>

Date: 2012/05/21 20:42:06