Computer Science Guided Research (2013)

Guided Research Timeline

CS Guided Research 2013 Timeline
Introduction2012-09-10 (Monday)
Topic selection2012-10-01 (Monday)
Proposal submission2012-12-07 (Friday)
Thesis submission2013-05-12 (Sunday)
Presentations2013-05-16 (Thursday)
Presentations2013-05-17 (Friday)

Guided Research Materials

Guided Research Proposal

Students must select the topic and the supervisor beginning of October (see timeline above). The choosen topic and supervisor must be submitted by email to Jürgen Schönwälder <>.

Students must submit the guided research proposal at a deadline when classes end (see timeline above). Late submissions of the research proposal or late selection of the topic will be penalized by a grade reduction of 10 percentage points per day late.

Guided Research Thesis

Experience has shown that it is crucial to start work on the guided research topic as soon as possible. It may be very useful to use time during intersession, in particular if still a number of credits need to be earned during the last semester. Starting work on the guided research end of April clearly is too late to achieve good results and in particular to deal with unforseen problems.

The guided research thesis must be submitted via grader. The submission deadline is a hard deadline. Failure to submit the thesis in time will lead to a fail.

Guided Research Presentations

Guided research requires a presentation (worth 20% of the overall grade). Faculty members attending the presentations will together form the grades for the presentations.

Guided research presentations are 15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion. The schedule has 25 minutes for each presentation to allow for time to change laptops etc. In addition, we have scheduled breaks to recover our minds and to makeup any schedule quirks should they arise (we hope not).

Time slots are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. To apply for a time slot, contact Jürgen Schönwälder and send him your preferred list of time slots, the name of your supervisor, and the title of your talk. Before submitting the list, make sure that the time slots fit the schedule of your supervisor.

Wednesday, 2013-04-24, Westhall 8

Wednesday, 2013-04-24, Westhall 8 (WH-8)
114:15WH-8Momchil Ivanov IvanovHahnSketch-Based Segmentation with Image-Adaptive Radial Basis Functions
214:40WH-8Igor PenerHahnDesign and Implementation of a Web Application for Image-Based Quantification of Cancer Progression

Thursday, 2013-05-16, Easthall 5 (EH-5) / Easthall 8 (EH-8)

Thursday, 2013-05-16, Easthall 5 / Easthall 8
109:00EH-5Jan Wilken DörrieKohlhaseMathMap: Acessing Math via Interactive Maps
209:25EH-5Felix Gabriel ManceKohlhaseA Practical OpenMath Machine
309:50EH-5Francisc BungiuPathakObject tracking in RGBd images
410:25EH-5Mihaela TurcuJaeger?
510:50EH-5Ivaylo EnchevJaegerExploring difficulties in learning spatio-temporal data using hierarchical Echo State Networks
611:15EH-5Ernesto RodriguezJaegerUsing echo state neural networks to analyze motion capture data
711:40EH-5Octavian NasuiHahn?
814:00EH-8Jan BrensteinBirkAerial rescue robots
914:25EH-8Ahmed Rehman GhaziBirkSpectral Image Registration for 2D Mapping in Unstructured Environments
1014:50EH-8Natasha DanailovskaBirkMulti-robot operation in unstructured environments for safety, security and rescue applications
1115:15EH-8Durim MorinaSchoenwaelderA new parser for the Network Flow Query Language

Friday, 2013-05-17, Easthall 5 (EH-5) / Westhall 7 (WH-7)

Friday, 2013-05-17, Easthall 5 / Westhall 7
109:00EH-5Titiruck NuntapramoteLinsenRelighting scan 3D scenes
209:25EH-5Corina GurauNuechterUsing Semantic Knowledge in 3D Object Classification
309:50EH-5Sorin BanicaBaumannManaging Parallel Updates in the rasdaman Array DBMS
410:25EH-5Daniel Hristov RachevKohlhaseFrameIT: User Interface for applying mathematical theories in real world problems
510:50EH-5Dharam Kamal KapilaKohlhaseApp Store for a Semantic Search Service
611:15EH-5Stefan MireaKohlhaseAn Evaluation of Responsive User Interface Options for Multi-Modal and Mathematical Search Engines
714:00WH-7Mjellma BerishaBirk3D Modeling
814:25WH-7Sanjaya SubediPathakObject-recognition using a Naive Bayesian Classifier (NBC) based on visual features

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