Networks and Distributed Systems
Course: Networks and Distributed Systems (320422)
Instructor: Jürgen Schönwälder
Tuesday 17:15 - 18:30 Seminar Room Research I
Start: February 4th, 2005

This graduate seminar course is project oriented. Students choose a topic for a project and work on that project throughout the semester. In addition, the state of the art in the choosen topics will be explored in a series of paper presentations. Each student will present one or several research or survey papers from the literature.

Date Topics Speaker
2005-02-04 Introduction, Assignment of Projects
2005-02-22 NetConf Andreas Pfeil
2005-03-01 canceled
2005-03-08 BitTorrent Mostafa Afgani
2005-03-15 Host Identity Protocol Vlad Balan
2005-03-29 Anonymization of SNMP Traces Matus Harvan
2005-03-29 Reputation Management Arnav Ghai
2005-04-05 XORP Andreas Pfeil
2005-04-12 canceled
2005-04-19 Nash Equilibria in Practical Network Management Werner Kozek (CLAMV Seminar)
2005-05-03 Self-Scaling Networks for Content Distribution Mostafa Afgani
2005-05-10 Applying Cryptographically Generated Addresses to Optimize IPv6 Vlad Balan

The project will count for 80% of the final grade and the paper presentation 20%. The grade for the project will be determined by 20% for the proposal, 20% for the oral presentation, 60% for the final report. The proposal should have about 4-6 pages, the final report about 15-25. Attendance of weekly meetings is mandatory. For each missed meeting (except with a medical excuse or an otherwise good reason given to me before the meeting) 10% will be subtracted from the final course grade.


Project topics (but other proposals are possible):

  • IETF NetConf Implementation and Validation (implementation oriented)
  • SNMP Traffic Measurement and Analysis (practical data consolidation and analysis work)
  • Applying Computational Logic to Network Wide Configuration Generation / Validation (literature/design work)
  • Introspection Daemons and Reputation of Machines (literature, design and/or implementation work)
  • Mobile Networking on a Wireless Sensor Grid (implementation and measurement oriented)