Networks and Distributed Systems
Course: Networks and Distributed Systems (320422)
Instructor: Jürgen Schönwälder
Monday 14:15 - 15:30 R1-91
Start: February 4th, 2006

This graduate seminar course is project oriented. Students choose a topic for a project and work on that project throughout the semester. In addition, the state of the art in the choosen topics will be explored in a series of paper presentations. Each student will present one or several research or survey papers from the literature.

Course Materials:
Date Topics Speaker
2005-02-04 Introduction
2005-02-13 Assignment of Projects
2005-02-20 -- canceled --
2005-03-27 Status Reports
2005-03-06 Status Reports
2005-03-13 Game Traffic Characterization Ivan Delchev
2005-03-20 Globus Grid Computing Toolkit Stefan Markov
2005-03-27 Status Reports
2005-04-03 OpenDHT Catalin Ciocov
2005-04-24 Xen Live Migration Matus Harvan
2005-04-24 Layered DHT Applications Catalin Ciocov
2005-05-08 The Globus Striped GridFTP Framework and Server Stefan Markov
2005-05-15 Linux Traffic Control Ivan Delchev
2005-05-15 Site Configuration and Anomaly Detection Matus Harvan

While most of the time will be spend on project work, I expect that every student presents two papers during the seminar and I also expect the others to actively participate during the presentation and discussion. In concrete terms, I plan the following grading scheme:

  • Paper presentations: 20% (2 papers each 10%)
  • Class participation: 10%
  • Project:
    • final report 20%
    • implementation 40%
    • presentation 10%

Quite some emphasis is on the project (70%) and especially and the successful realization of the project work (40%). So choosing the right project is of course crucial. I will select papers that are related to the projects people will be working on.

The project report should be structured like a normal research paper with an abstract, an introduction and motivation and problem statement, the description of the work carried out, a section on related work, an conclusions. The length should about 15-20 pages if you use a standard page layout or shorter in case you use a more space efficient IEEE two-column format.


Project topics (but other proposals are possible):

  • SNMP Traffic Measurement and Analysis (practical data consolidation and analysis work)
  • Introspection Daemons and Reputation of Machines Overlay (literature, design and implementation work)
  • Communication Libraries for Network Games (deployment, evaluation, and measurement oriented)
  • Analysis of the Globus Grid Computing Toolkit (deployment, evaluation, and measurement oriented)