Networks and Protocols
Course: Networks and Protocols (320301)
Instructor: Jürgen Schönwälder
TA: Alex Levin
Tuesday 09:45 - 11:00 West Hall, Room 1
Thursday 08:15 - 09:30 West Hall, Room 1
Tuesday 18:20 - 19:00 TBD (likely East Hall 5)
Start: September 2nd, 2004

The course builds on the course Operating Systems and Networks (320202) and discusses protocol designs in more depth in order to enable students to understand the core issues involved in network protocol design. The fundamental algorithms and principles are explained in the context of existing IEEE / Internet protocols in order to demonstrate how fundamental results are used in real-world protocols. This course is recommended for EECS students with a strong interest in communication networks.

Course topics: IEEE 802 networks, Internet protocols, routing algorithms and protocols, flow and congestion control mechanisms, data representation, application layer protocols, remote procedure calls, network security.

Course Materials:
  • A.S. Tanenbaum, "Computer Networks", 4th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2002
  • W. Stallings, "Data and Computer Communications", 6th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2000
  • F. Halsall, "Data Communications, Computer Networks and Open Systems", 4th Edition, Addison-Wesley, 1996
  • C. Huitema, "Routing in the Internet", 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall, 1999
  • W.R. Stevens, "TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 1: The Protocols", Addison Wesley, 1994.
  • D. Comer, "Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume 1: Principles Protocols, and Architecture", 4th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2000
  • J.F. Kurose, K.W. Ross, "Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet", 3rd Edition, Addison-Wesley 2004.
2004-08-31 2004-09-02 Introduction, Review of Fundamentals
2004-09-07 2004-09-09 Local Area Networks (Ethernet, Bridges, VLANs)
2004-09-14 2004-09-16 Internet Network Layer (IPv4)
2004-09-21 2004-09-23 Internet Network Layer (IPv6)
2004-09-28 2004-09-30 Internet Routing Protocols (RIP, OSPF, BGP)
2004-10-05 2004-10-07 Internet Transport Layer (UDP/TCP)
2004-10-12 2004-10-14 Packet Filter (BPF), Mid-Term Examination
2004-10-19 2004-10-21 Internet Application Layer (DNS, ASN.1)
2004-10-26 2004-10-28 Internet Application Layer (SNMP, LDAP)
2004-11-02 2004-11-04 Internet Application Layer (ABNF, SMTP, IMAP)
2004-11-09 2004-11-11 Lab Group 1-2 (Tue) | Lab Group 3-4 (Thu)
2004-11-16 2004-11-18 Lab Group 1-2 (Tue) | Lab Group 3-4 (Thu)
2004-11-23 2004-11-25 Internet Application Layer (HTTP, FTP, ...) Remote Procedure Calls (XDR, RPC)
2004-11-30 2004-12-02 Network Security (Ciphers, DES, AES, RSA) Network Security (IPsec, Firewalls, PGP)

The final grade is made up of the mid-term exam (30 %), homeworks (30 %) and the final exam (40 %). Homework solutions must be submitted individually and on paper. It is required to submit the solution for programming problems electronically and on paper to the instructor. Late submissions will not be accepted.

The overall percentage will be converted into IUB grades as follows:

[91-95]1.33Very Good
[86-90]1.67Very Good
[ 0-40]5.00Failing

Any programs which have to be written will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • correctness including proper handling of error conditions
  • proper use of programming language constructs
  • clarity of the program organization and design
  • readability of the source code and any output produced
Lab Groups:
  • Group 1 (Tuesdays, 09:45-11:00, Research I, Room 86)
    • Andres Alvarado
    • Can Bilgin
    • Zdravko Kochovski
    • Yasen Ferdinandov
    This group does P8 in the first lab slot and P9 in the second lab slot.
  • Group 2 (Tuesdays, 09:45-11:00, Research I, Room 86)
    • Apostolov Apostol Dimitrov
    • Krivulev Ivan Nikolaev
    • Krupinski Szymon
    • Angel Kitov
    This group does P9 in the first lab slot and P8 in the second lab slot.
  • Group 3 (Thursdays, 08:15-09:30, Research I, Room 86)
    • Alexandru Chitea
    • Arnav Ghai
    • Ivan Delchev
    • Rabin Vincent
    • Ravi Rathnam
    This group does P8 in the first lab slot and P9 in the second lab slot.
  • Group 4 (Thursdays, 08:15-09:30, Research I, Room 86)
    • Birendra Ghimire
    • Rajeshwor Dhital
    • Lin Chien-Fu (Jeff)
    • Toktosunov Azim Malikovic
    • Ganesan Sudharsan
    This group does P9 in the first lab slot and P8 in the second lab slot.