May 24th, 2013

For systems oriented research, it is essential to implement prototypes in order to evaluate new ideas and concepts. We are constantly creating software prototypes and some of them are released to the public and maintained as far as our time permits. Below is a list of software tools and libraries that have been written by our research group.

Internet Management Technologies

The research on Internet management technologies has led to a number of open source implementations:

  • snmpdump analyzes SNMP messages by reading pcap trace files and rendering the messages in an XML or CSV formats [more]
  • scli a small and efficient SNMP-based command line utility to monitor and configure network devices and host systems [more]
  • ncclient a Python library that facilitates client-side scripting and application development around the NETCONF protocol [more]
  • libsmi a library that allows network management applications to access SMI MIB module definitions [more]
  • libgsnmp provides an SNMP protocol stack based on the glib and gnet C libraries [more]
  • scotty allows to implement site-specific network management software using high-level, string-based APIs [more]

Network Traffic Analysis and Visualization

  • nfql – a NetFlow query language, which allows to express complex time relationships between network flows [more]
  • happy a simple TCP happy eyeballs [RFC 6555] probing tool. [more]

Network Technologies for the Internet of Things

  • Contiki-snmp – SNMP agent implementation under the Contiki operating system [more]
  • Contiki-tls-dtls – (D)TLS support for the Contiki operating system [more]
  • Contiki-ntp-syslog – Syslog and NTP support for the Contiki operating system [more]

Network Security and Anonymization

  • SSH session resumption – a feature that allows clients to resume sessions without having to compute new session keys [more]
  • libanon provides a collection of lexicographic order-preserving anonymization functions [more]

Distributed Case-based Reasoning

  • Discaria – distributed case-based reasoning system [more]
  • Crawler – bug tracking system [more]
a software package which
allows to build network management applications using Tcl
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