• Large-Scale Measurement Platform Daemon (lmapd)

    lmapd is the proof-of-concept daemon implementation for the Large-Scale Measurement Platforms (LMAP) information and data model developed by the LMAP working group of the IETF.

  • SNMP Trace Analysis Tools

    The snmpdump package provides a collection of programs to analyze SNMP traces. Traces provided in pcap format can be converted into a number of easier to process formats, traces can be anonymized, and traces can be split into SNMP flows. Some scripts are included to extract some core statistics.

  • SNMP Command Line Interface (scli)

    This software provides a convenient command line interface for devices such as routers, bridges, printers. The scli program uses the SNMP protocol to interact with the devices. Note that this program is different from many other SNMP programs as it provides an "operator-friendly" interface and hides most of the low-level aspects of SNMP in a collection of powerful commands.

  • GNet SNMP Library

    This C library implements an SNMP engine using the glib/gnet libraries. This is the SNMP engine used by scli.

  • SMI Compiler Library and Toolset (libsmi)

    This library was originally created as part of a student project. The library provides a clean C API to access the parse tree generated by SMI parser front-ends. Several tools have been written around this library, most notably probably the smidump programs which features several compiler backends. One of these backends generates C stub code that are heavily used by the scli program.

  • Java Script-MIB Implementation (jasmin)

    This software implements the IETF's management by delegation MIB as documented in RFC 3165. Even though the name suggests that the implementation is tied towards Java, it actually supports multiple language runtime systems via the SMX protocol defined in RFC 3179.

  • Tcl Network Management Extension (scotty)

    The scotty package contains two components, namely an extension of the Tool Command Language (Tcl) which support SNMP and other network management protocols and a simple graphical network management systems which can be easily extended by writting management scripts in Tcl.